Roof Maintenance

Our Moss Free Guarantee program puts your roof maintenance responsibilities on autopilot!

Max-Life-Roof-Care-Roof-MaintenanceIf you have just cleaned your roof or just installed a new roof, our maintenance program will ensure your roof protects your home for its max life potential. Whether your roof last 15 years or 30 years is completely dependent on how well it is maintained. Not only will your roof look wonderful year after year but it will also last longer.

During your initial estimate and consultation we will assess your home’s location, tree coverage, and element exposure to determine the perfect maintenance schedule for you. Our maintenance programs range from 2 to 4 visits per year and include a basic roof inspection, roof cleaning treatments and gutter cleaning. at your desired interval, we will send you an email in advance to remind you of your appointment. Our crew will then perform the maintenance on the designated day and we will collect payment for the service. At that time we will inform you of your next scheduled maintenance and send you email reminders.

What to Expect

  • Timely and comprehensive project estimate.
  • Project “before” video outlining the project specifications.
  • Prejob checklist to ensure your property is ready for our technicians.
  • Project completed with the highest quality and attention to detail.
  • Final inspection and “after” video showing the completion of the project.
  • Schedule yearly maintenance program to prevent future moss growth.

Why Choose Us?

1 Expertise

Our extensive experience in the asphalt roof cleaning field allows us to guarantee our work. This means that we will complete your projects to the precise specifications outlined in your estimate and guarantee that you are satisfied.

2 Licensed CCB Number

Our company is licensed by the state of Oregon's construction contractors board. This means that we are fully licensed to perform the services we are advertising and have displayed a level of expertise in this field. Our CCB number is 210471.

3 Bonded

Rest assured knowing that our company has a $15,000 surety bond. This ensures that we meet all of the specifications of our contract or you can apply for access to the bond reimbursement.

4 Insured

We carry a $1 million insurance policy for all job site liability risk and elimination. All of our staff is also insured under workers compensation in accordance with Oregon law.