MaxFlow Gutter Systems


Our gutter filter system is an open cell polyurethane insert, specially shaped and cut to fit snugly into your gutter. Even during the heaviest of rainstorms, water flowsthrough filter into the gutter valley and out the downspout. Leaves and debrisnormally slide off the surface or just dry up and blow away. It is low maintenance – periodically, debris caught on top of the product may need to be removed.

  • Allows rainwater to flow freely through gutter system, while preventing buildup of leaves and debris
  • Helps prevent moisture related damage caused by clogged gutters
  • Prevents mosquitoes and other insects from breeding in the gutters
  • Coated with anti-microbial additives that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, algae and moss in the product
  • Enhanced with a protective UV coating to ensure long life from the sun
  • Fire Resistant coatingmeets ASTM D2859, industry standard for flame resistance