Hillsboro Roof Cleaners

roof-cleanerWelcome to Oregon Roof Cleaning in Hillsboro! While we do specialize in roof cleaning, we also offer a variety of exterior cleaning services & restorations. Whether you need moss removed from your roof or cedar siding restored, we have a solution for you! To request an estimate please contact us through our online form or feel free to call anytime! We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Roof Moss removal is a relatively straightforward process but there is only 1 correct way to do it effectively and safely. We have mastered the art of roof cleaning ensuring that your roof is cleaned without causing damage to it or the environment. Our manual wire brush removal method and preventative treatment is the only way to have your roof cleaned. We have the best methods to safely clean any type of roof in any condition.


As soon as you contact us we can quickly set up a convenient time to give you a free estimate. Each project estimate also includes a comprehensive roof inspection to determine if any minor repairs are needed. In some cases, if the roof is at the end of its life cycle we can provide a reproofing estimate. With over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, we can quickly identify problems and provide expert recommendations.

We guarantee that you will receive your written estimate within 24 hours of requesting a bid. We have a very simple estimation process that can be completed using our software in less than 10 minutes. Please give us a call to learn more and to get started.


We simply offer the best, most reliable and affordable exterior & roof cleaning services in Oregon. We follow strict safety guidelines in complete compliance with Oregon Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and carry a 1-million dollar insurance policy.

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  • 1-Million Liability Insurance
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Roof Cleaning

I gave instructions to my husband to clean the roof regularly. I thought he was doing, it so imagine my surprise when I saw that some parts of our roof looked carpeted with moss. Good thing Maxlife Roof Care got on it quickly and thoroughly! Thank you!

Mica – Hillsboro, Oregon

I live up in the hills of Hillsboro, and moss on our roof is always a problem. After letting it grow for a couple years, it got really out of hand. I finally said enough, and searched for roof cleaners in Hillsboro online. I found Maxlife and they had great reviews. After hiring them, I understand what all the hype is about. They were great.

Kent – Hillsboro, Oregon

Cedar Shingle Cleaning

I have hired different companies for my cedar shingle cleaning in Hillsboro and have never been completely satisfied with the job. I am so glad I found Maxlife Roof Care online! The job was done fast and efficiently, and they cleaned up all the debris before they left. I am definitely a happy customer.

Kyle – Hillsboro, Oregon

Our roof has a very steep pitch so I was really worried about hiring people to clean my roof. The crew at Maxlife Roof Care came prepared with harnesses and all the safety equipment needed to clean my roof effectively. They come with great insurance to decrease my liability. My cedar shingles were spotless and my roof looks brand new again. Thanks a ton!

Sergio – Hillsboro, Oregon

Composite Shingle Cleaning

Our real estate agent told us before we bought this house six years ago that if we ever needed roof cleaning, we should ask for composition shingle cleaning. He even recommended Maxlife. Thank you for cleaning our roof! It looks great!

Sean – Hillsboro, Oregon

Eco-Friendly Roof Treatments

Moss removal is such a nuisance especially, when the moss keeps growing back. I was told to use bleach, but I didn’t want to harm my garden or contaminate the groundwater. I decided to do research online and found Maxlife Roof Care, who specialized in organic roof treatments. I was very happy with their services and will be calling them again.

Tom – Hillsboro, Oregon

I have always been skeptical about cleaning chemicals. It is important for me to use cleaning formulas that are safe enough me and my family. I asked and researched about eco-friendly roof cleaning services and this company came up. I am very impressed by their concerns for the environment and my roof!

Mario – Hillsboro, Oregon

My roof hasn’t been cleaned for a really long time because I am afraid of heights. I was happy to find Maxlife, and to know that they use only organic roof moss removal. They were very reasonably priced too!

Daniel – Hillsboro, Oregon

Tile Roof Cleaning

My husband and I moved to Hillsboro just last year from Eugene. We knew that the roof was over eleven years old when we moved in, so we called Maxlife Roof Care to schedule regular maintenance to prevent any future damage. They cleaned our roof in Eugene and now are working with us in Hillsboro! We really enjoy the staff, and they take great care of our roof.

Sarah – Hillsboro, Oregon

The houses in my neighborhood are very old. I asked my neighbor, who had the cleanest roof, who he would recommend for tile moss removal. He told me that Maxlife Roof Care did an excellent job, and I hired them that day!

Helen – Hillsboro, Oregon

Gutter Cleaning

I cannot express enough how thankful I am for Maxlife Roof Care in Hillsboro. They have taken care of my downspout and gutter cleaning for the last three years now so I don’t have to. I recommend them to all of my neighbors.

Ruby – Hillsboro, Oregon

It would be wise to get a gutter guard. It will make for fewer trips to the roof. But if you still want to hire someone for the downspout and gutter cleaning, these guys are the people to call. They are really good workers.

Brianna – Hillsboro, Oregon

Roof Moss Removal

I’ve never really trusted in my own abilities when it comes to cleaning the roof. I always let the pros do it. I might be an eager beaver when I start working, but then I tend to get lazy in the middle of it. That’s why I hired these guys. They have very patient and efficient workers.

Steven – Hillsboro, Oregon

A good quality job means that you are still getting the benefit of the work you have paid for long after the time of service. When I do roof algae cleaning, the growth keeps on coming back. But when these guys do it, I only need them to do it twice a year.

Travis – Hillsboro, Oregon