Eugene Roof Cleaners

roof-cleanerWelcome to Oregon Roof Cleaning Services of Eugene! We are a licensed contractor that specializes in roof cleaning and roof maintenance services. Our services consist of manual wire brush removal techniques for composite shingle roofs, as well as pressure washing for metal and tile roofs. To maximize the total life of your roof, we strongly encourage establishing a regular maintenance program!

Roof Moss removal is a relatively straightforward process but there is only 1 correct way to do it effectively and safely. We have mastered the art of roof cleaning ensuring that your roof is cleaned without causing damage to it or the environment. Our manual wire brush removal method and preventative treatment is the only way to have your roof cleaned. We have the best methods to safely clean any type of roof in any condition.


As soon as you contact us we can quickly set up a convenient time to give you a free estimate. Each project estimate also includes a comprehensive roof inspection to determine if any minor repairs are needed. In some cases, if the roof is at the end of its life cycle we can provide a reproofing estimate. With over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, we can quickly identify problems and provide expert recommendations.

We guarantee that you will receive your written estimate within 24 hours of requesting a bid. We have a very simple estimation process that can be completed using our software in less than 10 minutes. Please give us a call to learn more and to get started.


We simply offer the best, most reliable and affordable exterior & roof cleaning services in Oregon. We follow strict safety guidelines in complete compliance with Oregon Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and carry a 1-million dollar insurance policy.

  • Free Estimates
  • Same Day Scheduling
  • 1-Million Liability Insurance
  • Locally Owned & Operated
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Roof Cleaning

After my son almost fell off the roof last fall I was terrified to have him up there again. I contacted Max Life Roof Care right away to schedule an appointment and they came that day to do an estimate. I feel safer knowing that their employees use harnesses while cleaning my roof, especially when it is raining outside. If you need your roof cleaned in Eugene, Oregon I would call these guys!

Marsha – Eugene, Oregon

My husband and I grow our own vegetables so we didn’t want to use any chemicals that could harm the garden or our other plants. We chose this company to clean our roof because they use organic roof cleaning treatments. If you need your roof moss removed in Eugene you need to call them.

Graham – Eugene, Oregon

Cedar Shingle Cleaning

The house we recently bought came with cedar shingle roofing and unfortunately it has been very prone to moss growth. We contacted Max Life Roof Care and scheduled an annual roof cleaning with them to prevent the moss from growing frequently. I am so happy with the through cedar shingle cleaning that Eugene Roof cleaning provides! They have always exceeded our expectations.

Pamela – Eugene, Oregon

My neighbor told me that cedar roof moss removal can easily be done by using a pressure washer, but I found out the hard way that can actually damage the roof. I decided to hire professional roof cleaners to get the job done right. After searching online, I found Max Life Roof Care who specialize in cleaning cedar roofs in Eugene Oregon. Thanks god I did because it was no easy task. Everything looked perfect after they were done. Thanks a lot.

Jason – Eugene, Oregon

Composite Shingle Cleaning

The crews from Max Life Roof Care are skillful and always get things done on time! I really value the care that the company shows for their employees and customers. They will not bill you until you are completely satisfied with the job! I would highly recommend these guys!

Heather – Eugene, Oregon

I looked for contractors that could do composite shingle roof cleaning in Eugene and stumbled into this site. There’s a reason for all these great reviews. The crew showed up EARLY and got the job done quickly and efficiently. I am a very satisfied customer.

Jonathon – Eugene, Oregon

Eco-Friendly Roof Care

I could handle cleaning the roof myself, but why go to all the trouble when there are licensed professionals who do it better and much more efficiently? Plus, this company offers the only eco-friendly roof cleaning in Eugene and they are very affordable.

Aaron – Eugene, Oregon

It is so important to me use organic products throughout my daily life, even when cleaning my house. This company was the only one in Eugene that offered organic roof treatments. I am so thankful for their service and feel better knowing the cleaning products don’t harm my roof or the environment. You guys are great!

Dylan – Eugene, Oregon

Tile Roof Cleaning

Tile roof cleaning can be dangerous because the tiles get very slippery. This is why I hire professionals to do it. Maxlife Roof Care is very safe. The use OSHA-approved safety equipment. I don’t want any accidents in my home.

David – Eugene, Oregon

The dangers of tile roof cleaning are not only in the roof being slippery, but in mishandling of chemicals. I don’t want to risk my family’s health just to save a few hundred dollars. I let these guys with the expertise do it. Thanks a ton!

Tyson – Eugene, Oregon

I was looking for the cheapest contractors that do shingle moss removal in Eugene. I would do it myself, but I find it difficult to go up on the roof and I don’t want to risk injuring myself. This company worked around my budget and got the job done fast. They are really great people.

Josiah – Eugene, Oregon

Gutter Cleaning

Having a gutter guard does not mean that you are free from debris or clogged gutters. That’s why I hired Maxlife to check on my gutters twice a year. I don’t like to risk my safety getting on the roof, and I just don’t have the time and patience for it. These guys make it easy.

Carol – Eugene, Oregon

Gutter and downspout cleaning have always been a team project for my husband and me, but lately we have we been too busy with work and the kids. We hired Maxlife Roof Care in Eugene to do it so that the gutters are still being cleaned. Having someone come on a regular basis ensures that the job is getting done, and they even check our roof for leaks. Thanks for your outstanding reliability.

Leah – Eugene, Oregon

Roof Algae Removal

Algae and moss are different species and they need different treatments to get rid of them. I know this because I made the mistake of treating them the same before. That’s why I hired Maxlife to do roof algae removal at my rental property in Eugene. The cost to clean the roof is much lower than having to replace it.

Michael – Eugene, Oregon

I asked around about roof algae cleaning services in Eugene, and this company was highly recommended. I got a free estimate, and the price seemed very reasonable. I can say that they are very hard workers and do a very efficient job.

Carl – Eugene, Oregon