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roof-cleanerWelcome to Oregon Roof Cleaning Company in Corvallis! While we do specialize in roof cleaning, we also offer a variety of exterior cleaning servies & restorations. Whether you need moss removed from your roof or cedar siding restored, we have a solution for you! To request an estimate please contact us through our online form or feel free to call anytime! We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Roof Moss removal is a relatively straightforward process but there is only 1 correct way to do it effectively and safely. We have mastered the art of roof cleaning ensuring that your roof is cleaned without causing damage to it or the environment. Our manual wire brush removal method and preventative treatment is the only way to have your roof cleaned. We have the best methods to safely clean any type of roof in any condition.


As soon as you contact us we can quickly set up a convenient time to give you a free estimate. Each project estimate also includes a comprehensive roof inspection to determine if any minor repairs are needed. With over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, we can quickly identify problems and provide expert recommendations.

We guarantee that you will receive your written estimate within 24 hours of requesting a bid. We have a very simple estimation process that can be completed using our software in less than 10 minutes. Please give us a call to learn more and to get started.


We simply offer the best, most reliable and affordable exterior & roof cleaning services in Oregon. We follow strict safety guidelines in complete compliance with Oregon Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and carry a 1-million dollar insurance policy.

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  • 1-Million Liability Insurance
  • Locally Owned & Operated
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Roof Cleaning

Four years ago, we hired an independent contractor to remove the moss from our roof at our rental house in Corvallis. At the time we went with the cheapest bidder, but we definitely learned our lesson; he fell off of the ladder and we had to pay for all the medical expenses. We were very reluctant to hire someone to clean our roof again, but our neighbors recommended Maxlife Roof Care and told us about their large liability insurance plan. We are so happy with their work! If you’re looking for a roof cleaner in Corvallis, these are your guys.

Rick – Corvallis, Oregon

The roof cleaning services that this company provided were very efficient and affordable! I am a single mom raising a baby girl and the last thing I want to worry about is getting on my roof to remove the moss stains. Now my house is not only clean in the inside but also on the outside. All the moss is gone and my roof is healthy.

Denise – Corvallis, Oregon

Cedar Shingle Cleaning

When asking around for good roof cleaning services, a friend from work told me I should hire a cedar shingle cleaning company that has an insurance policy so I won’t have to worry about homeowner liability. It really gives me the feeling of security knowing that Maxlife has a one million dollar insurance policy. The work they did for me was exactly as they described, and my cedar shingles look brand new. I almost thought I would have to pay to have it reroofed, which would have cost me thousands. You can definitely trust Maxlife Roof Care to clean your cedar roof.

Bryson – Corvallis, Oregon

Cedar shingle cleaning is not an easy job for homeowners and it’s very dangerous. My wife was terrified to have me up on the roof after a neighbor broke his leg last year putting up Christmas lights. I found Maxlife Roof Care online, and I found that their services provide you with all you need. Very affordable and efficient! Thanks again, guys.

Cody – Corvallis, Oregon

Composite Shingle Cleaning

I’m a real estate agent and I have always trusted Maxlife for shingle moss removal services whenever I have to show or sell a house. They have never failed me, and I get discounts for being a regular customer. Thanks a ton!

Jim – Corvallis, Oregon

Considering the kind of weather that we have here in Corvallis, it really is a pain cleaning the roof. It is very important for me to have good shingle moss removal team to keep my roof in good shape. Maxlife is by far the best roof cleaner in Corvallis, Oregon.

Patty – Corvallis, Oregon

Eco-Friendly Roof Treatments

I found out that with do-it-yourself organic roof treatments I had to make several trips up the roof for treatment application. I just don’t have that time on my hands right now, so I hired this company because of their eco-friendly roof moss cleaning. They were very quick to respond and gave me an estimate that day! Protecting the rivers here in Corvallis and Oregon is a little bit easier with organic roof cleaning service. Thank you Maxlife.

Perry – Corvallis, Oregon

For worry-free organic roof cleaning, call on Maxlife Roof Cleaning Services. I did and they took care of everything. Not to mention their large liability insurance coverage. Their crew was awesome and even fit me in that week. I would recommend them to anyone in Corvallis, OR.

Connie – Corvallis, Oregon

Tile Roof Cleaning

My neighbor let me borrow tile roof cleaning chemicals and a pressure washer. I went up my roof to assess the moss growth but the amount of cleaning that needed to be done was beyond what I could do and had time for. I called Maxlife and they were quick to respond and on time. They wasted no time in cleaning too.

Joey – Corvallis, Oregon

The weather that we had last year in Corvallis was just what moss needed to spread and cover most of my roof. It was not appealing look at. I’ve read several good things about this company’s tile roof moss removal and that convinced me to hire them. I’m glad I did. If you need your tile roof cleaned in Corvallis, you know who to call!

Will – Corvallis, Oregon

Gutter Cleaning

I hired Maxlife Roof Care to regularly clean the gutters and downspouts for my home and could not be more satisfied. For over four years, they have kept my gutters and downspouts clear and leak-free. Plus, I get a special rate for being a loyal customer!

Adam – Corvallis, Oregon

My husband has been doing the gutter and downspout cleaning at our house, but after a long weekend of cleaning he got impatient and damaged the downspout. To his dismay, I hired these guys to fix the damage and finish the job he started. For two years, the crew has regularly come to the house to clean the gutters and downspouts and my husband is not complaining. If you need your gutters cleaned in Corvallis, Oregon, look no further!

Alyssa – Corvallis, Oregon

Roof Algae Removal

I thought that roof stains meant that it’s time to replace the roof, and I was prepared to spend a lot of money. When my dad went up and examined the damage, he suggested I call a roof cleaning company to see if we could save it. I contacted Maxlife Roof Care and they came out to my home in Corvallis that day to give me an estimate. Not only did they save my roof, they saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks again, guys!

Linda – Corvallis, Oregon

I’ve gotten so used to the stains on my roof that I began not to notice them. But when my husband pointed out a portion of the roof that was not affected by the staining, we really saw the difference. The roof just looked dirty. These guys were able to restore it to the original color and make it look brand new after the roof algae removal.

Samantha – Corvallis, Oregon