Beaverton Roof Cleaners

roof-cleanerWelcome to Oregon Roof Cleaning in Beaverton! While we do specialize in roof cleaning, we also offer a variety of exterior cleaning services & restorations. Whether you need moss removed from your roof or cedar siding restored, we have a solution for you! To request an estimate please contact us through our online form or feel free to call anytime! We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Roof Moss removal is a relatively straightforward process but there is only 1 correct way to do it effectively and safely. We have mastered the art of roof cleaning ensuring that your roof is cleaned without causing damage to it or the environment. Our manual wire brush removal method and preventative treatment is the only way to have your roof cleaned. We have the best methods to safely clean any type of roof in any condition.


As soon as you contact us we can quickly set up a convenient time to give you a free estimate. Each project estimate also includes a comprehensive roof inspection to determine if any minor repairs are needed. In some cases, if the roof is at the end of its life cycle we can provide a reproofing estimate. With over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, we can quickly identify problems and provide expert recommendations.

We guarantee that you will receive your written estimate within 24 hours of requesting a bid. We have a very simple estimation process that can be completed using our software in less than 10 minutes. Please give us a call to learn more and to get started.


We simply offer the best, most reliable and affordable exterior & roof cleaning services in Oregon. We follow strict safety guidelines in complete compliance with Oregon Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and carry a 1-million dollar insurance policy.

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  • 1-Million Liability Insurance
  • Locally Owned & Operated
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Roof Cleaning

I always check on the company’s insurance policy whenever I hire roof cleaning services for my rental properties. When I found out that this company had a one million dollar insurance policy, I was sold. Not only were they covered, but they were by far the most professional roof cleaning company in Beaverton, Oregon.

Marquita – Beaverton, Oregon

I usually do my own roof moss removal but I let it go for too long, and my roof needed some serious moss removal. I’m really glad that Maxlife Roof Cleaners gave me a great deal. My wife and I are both very satisfied.

John – Beaverton, Oregon

Cedar Shingle Cleaning

Cedar roof cleaning should be done regularly, unless you want to end up replacing your roof, and that is so much more expensive. Maxlife Roof Care even offered some preventive measures to keep my roof clean longer. If you’re looking to have your cedar roof cleaned in Beaverton, give them a call.

Merrily – Beaverton, Oregon

I found out that moss on the roof can not only destroy the structure of your house, but that it also absorbs heat during the summer months. It seemed like we couldn’t cool the house down last summer! The crew from Maxlife Roof Care was very informative and scheduled a regular maintenance so that we wouldn’t have to worry about moss growth again. Thanks guys for taking it off of our hands!

Don – Beaverton, Oregon

Composite Shingle Cleaning

My husband told me that we needed our composition roof cleaned, so we hired Maxlife for the job. They were very professional and my husband was so pleased with their work that he scheduled regular roof maintenance to prevent future moss growth. Not only does the roof look much better, but the composite shingles were unharmed during the moss removal process. Thanks a lot!

Cheryl – Beaverton, Oregon

Eco-Friendly Roof Treatments

I was really disturbed when I read online that the chemicals used for roof cleaning can cause harm to the environment and to my home. The rainy weather in the NW also means that a lot of those chemicals run off to the rivers or streams. Luckily, I found out about this company’s organic, eco-friendly roof treatments. If you need your roof cleaned on Beaverton, I would highly recommend these guys!

Karah – Beaverton, Oregon

Maxlife Roof Care is a one-stop shop for all your roof cleaning needs. They even offer organic roof cleaning. That was why I hired them and they did a great job. They were also able to work around my budget.

Brandon – Beaverton, Oregon

Tile Roof Cleaning

Whenever I hear people complain about their roofs, I always recommend  Maxlife Roof Cleaners. They did a really great job cleaning my tile roof! I recommend them to all of my family and friends in Beaverton.

Janae – Beaverton, Oregon

I referred many friends and family to Maxlife Roof Care and received a discount for tile roof cleaning. They don’t mind giving special prices to my friends because I have referred so many people to them. They’re so great!

Jerry – Beaverton, Oregon

Gutter Cleaning

Downspout and gutter cleaning are jobs that we can do on our own but I’m afraid to walk on the roof and I’m not going to let my teenage son do it. These guys have all the equipment approved by OSHA and are very reliable. Thanks again Maxlife Roof Care!

Kimberly – Beaverton, Oregon

My husband installed gutter guards on our house, but they don’t completely prevent debris and other things from clogging our gutters. My neighbors highly recommended Maxlife Roof Care for gutter cleaning and we have been using them ever since. I’m so thankful to have these guys to look after our gutters. They are very trustworthy people.

Brooke – Beaverton, Oregon

Roof Moss Removal

Maxlife Roof Care was very informative and uses eco-friendly chemicals and specific techniques to remove roof algae during cleaning. Apparently I’ve been doing it wrong all along. When these guys came to my house in Beaverton, they not only cleaned the stains, they also educated me on some preventive measures. Thank you, Maxlife Roof Care!

Zach – Beaverton, Oregon

I thought you needed to only treat the stains on your roof and not the entire roof itself. I figured I was doing something wrong when stains eventually appeared on the part that I did not clean. I was frustrated so I decided to call professionals. Maxlife Roof Care treated every corner of my roof. Thank you for being so efficient.

Raymond – Beaverton, Oregon