If you are in the market for a roof cleaning, you’ve inevitably heard the terms “zinc”, “bleach”, and “hydrogen peroxide.” Before you choose a provider, make sure you understand what these terms mean and how they could be used on your roof. The more informed you are before you make a decision, the better roof cleaning decision you will make!

Zinc sulfate is a water-soluble chemical compound. It is EPA approved and does not damage plants or siding. Manufacturers recommend that the powder be applied at a mixture of three pounds of powder to five gallons of water. This would cover approximately 600 square feet of roof. The moss treatment will kill and prevent moss regeneration for a period of 3-6 months. The application typically needs to be applied twice a year (depending on the environment).

MaxLife-Roof-Care-Moss-Removal-RoofThe use of bleach in a cleaning solution on your roof has advantages and disadvantages. The pros are that the bleach will kill the moss, algae, and lichen on your roof. If you have an experienced roof cleaning team, they will use an appropriate solution and will carefully monitor the application to ensure that surrounding vegetation is not damaged or burned. The disadvantage is that this is a complex application. Too strong an application will harm the environment. The other complaint often heard is that the dead growth on the roof turns brown and stays on the roof if there is not a rain that follows the treatment.

Hydrogen peroxide is sometimes also used as a phosphate-free cleaner. However, make sure this is professionally mixed as it can be dangerous if mixed inappropriately. So while Hydrogen Peroxide is safe for the environment it is typically not the first choice for roof cleaning.

Make sure you ask your service provider what chemicals they will use when cleaning your roof. Understand the solution and the potential impact on both your roof and the surrounding areas of your home. And finally make sure that your provider has references, insurance, and a business license. And if you really want peace of mind, contact Max Life Roof Care if your home is in the state of Oregon. We’d love to provide a free estimate for your home!