Who We Are

Max-Life-Roof-Care-Guys-Cleaning-RoofThe best place to start to help you better understand our company, is our values. We believe that dangerous roof work should only be attempted by licensed professionals in a safe working environment. Last year over 164,000 homeowners went to the emergency room from ladder and roof related activities. We enjoyed helping homeowners knowing that they can achieve their goals without unnecessarily risking their lives.

We also believe that superior customer service is the key to success for our business. As with all service companies, executing basic principles are the difference between success and failure. This means that we strive to be organized, efficient, and effective in all aspects of our business. For example, We schedule an estimate with you at a specific time and we arrive at that time. While this seems very simple and straightforward, most contractors seem to struggle in this area.


Every estimate begins with a brief introduction and question-and-answer session about your desired goals. we will then walk around the property to assess each area. Our estimator will then begin the roof inspection. While performing this inspection the estimator will record all of the details of the project. This video will be emailed to you with your estimate. Once the inspection is complete, our estimator will determine the project cost estimate and answer any of your questions. We can then schedule your project and collect the 25% down payment to secure your project. You will be given a pre-job checklist to ensure our crew can be successful completing the project. After the project is completed, the crew members will record a second video showing the completion of the project. Payment will be collected in full once the project is completed to the specifications on the work order. Lastly, we will schedule your yearly maintenance program if applicable.

Why Choose Us?

1 Expertise

Our extensive experience in the asphalt roof cleaning field allows us to guarantee our work. This means that we will complete your projects to the precise specifications outlined in your estimate and guarantee that you are satisfied.

2 Licensed CCB Number

Our company is licensed by the state of Oregon's construction contractors board. This means that we are fully licensed to perform the services we are advertising and have displayed a level of expertise in this field. Our CCB number is 210471.

3 Bonded

Rest assured knowing that our company has a $15,000 surety bond. This ensures that we meet all of the specifications of our contract or you can apply for access to the bond reimbursement.

4 Insured

We carry a $1 million insurance policy for all job site liability risk and elimination. All of our staff is also insured under workers compensation in accordance with Oregon law.

Training & Safety

All of our team members are thoroughly trained in the art of roof cleaning and follow strict safety guidelines. OSHA has approved all of our safety protocols and daily operations to ensure our compliance with Oregon law. While we have never had any work site injuries, we do carry a $15,000 surety bond and a $1 million insurance policy for your peace of mind.


Over the years we have invested in the best roof cleaning equipment that is available. This is very important to consider when choosing a roofing company because the better tools and equipment they have, the better the results will be. Not only can we offer superior results but also we can provide more affordable pricing.


We focus on both residential and commercial projects. Although we have worked with some of the top companies in America, we still value our smaller residential customers as well. No job is too small or too large for us to help with. From seasonal roof maintenance programs to large-scale roofing projects, we would be glad to help.



University of Oregon

We maintain over 300 units and 68 university homes on a yearly basis. Our maintenance program includes gutter cleaning, and roof treatments. References available on request.


Firwood Village Apartments

We maintain all of the gutter systems at the Wood Village Apartments. With this client we are on call for severe storms. References available on request.


Chinook Property Management

We have been working with Chinook property management for over five years and have become their preferred roof cleaning partner. References available on request.


The Home Depot

We assist to the Home Depot with their roof maintenance services on a yearly basis. This includes roof and gutter cleaning services. References available on request.