Max life roof care is dedicated to serving residential and commercial clients who understand the value of properly maintaining their roofs. Not only is this necessary to maintain the integrity of the roof but it is also very important for aesthetics and the visual appeal of your property. Our straightforward pricing and roof cleaning expertise makes as the top choice for all your roof cleaning needs.

We believe in the importance of proper maintenance but also understand roof care can be a lower priority. Unfortunately, if your roof is neglected, it will cost far more in repair bills, or roof replacement, than the maintenance program alternative. We strive to make our services as reliable and dependable as possible. From the current first contact with our company, you will see that we operate differently than most contractors. With dedication to organization, efficiency, and safety, we are able to provide a great experience at extremely fair prices. Please contact our office to schedule a free estimate and consultation.

Thank you so much for your attention to detail and strong work ethic. Getting my roof cleaned was not something I was looking forward to, but you guys made it pretty painless. I am very grateful to have you maintaining my roof and gutters this winter. I love that I no longer have to worry about it. Thanks again and talk to you soon.

Anne – Portland, Oregon

I am so thankful that you are able to help me clean my tile roof before my daughter’s wedding. We had so much going on and were extremely stressed out about getting everything done. Honestly I was concerned about the timeline to complete the project but it worked out great. Your company clearly knows what they’re doing and did a great job on my roof. I would definitely recommend your services.

Suzanne -Salem, Oregon

I always check on the company’s insurance policy whenever I hire anyone for any roof cleaning services for my rental properties. When I found out that this company had a 1 million dollar insurance policy I was sold. Not only were they covered, but they were by far the most professional roof cleaning company in Beaverton Oregon.

Marquita – Beaverton, Oregon

The roof cleaning services that this company provides were very efficient and affordable! I am a single mom raising a baby girl on her own and the last thing I want to worry about it getting on my roof to remove the moss stains. Now my house is not only clean in the inside but also on the outside. All the moss is gone and my roof is healthy.

Doug -Corvallis, Oregon

After my son almost fell off the roof last fall I was terrified to have him up there again. I contacted MaxLife Roof Care right away to schedule an appointment and they came that day to do an estimate. I feel safer knowing that their employees use harnesses while cleaning my roof, especially when it is raining outside. If you need your roof cleaned in Eugene, Oregon I would call these guys

Marsha -Eugene, Oregon

Cedar shingles are very sensitive and are very prone to moss growth, especially in the kind of weather that we have here at Lake Oswego, Oregon. I was very glad to have found that this company offers eco-friendly roof cleaning. This didn’t harm the cedar shingles and my plants.

Randal – Lake Oswego, Oregon

Moss removal is such a nuisance especially when it keeps growing back. I was told to use bleach but I didn’t want to harm my garden or contaminate the groundwater. I decided to do research online and found Oregon Roof Cleaners, who specialized in organic roof treatments. I was very happy with their services and will be calling them again.

Tom -Hillsboro, Oregon

Why Choose Us?


Our extensive experience in the asphalt roof cleaning field allows us to guarantee our work. This means that we will complete your projects to the precise specifications outlined in your estimate and guarantee that you are satisfied.

Licensed CCB Number

Our company is licensed by the state of Oregon’s construction contractors board. This means that we are fully licensed to perform the services we are advertising and have displayed a level of expertise in this field. Our CCB number is 210471.


Rest assured knowing that our company has a $15,000 surety bond. This ensures that we meet all of the specifications of our contract or you can apply for access to the bond reimbursement.


We carry a $1 million insurance policy for all job site liability risk and elimination. All of our staff is also insured under workers compensation in accordance with Oregon law.